I can’t sleep…


I’m sure from the looks of my title, you’re probably thinking that is is a rant about me not being able to sleep. You would be correct! However, this is not a negative rant. No, this is a positive one. How does one write a positive rant? I’m about to show you!

So this past week marks the first week of my second semester of college (crazy right?). Well being the scheduling genius that I am, I have 9:00 am’s all week *insert pitying looks*. On top of school, I started work again, and have been shuttling up and down the California coast for doctors appointments. Needless to say, but I am exhausted.

This leads me to today, where my first and only class ended at 10:00 am. Now most, “sane” people would take this prime opportunity to take a nap; if I could I would! But you see, I’ve finally hit the reason for my rant. I can’t fall asleep because…It’s just too beautiful of a day! That’s right everything you’ve heard (and seen in movies) about California weather is true. To put into perspective: It’s 71 degrees and sunny–it’s January. Every time I look out of my window, I feel this overwhelming sense of guilt for letting such a beautiful day pass me by.

You see, I’m not crazy (right now), I just couldn’t imagine blocking out this glorious day, for something as insignificant as a nap. It really is incredible though how much one’s mood can improve with a little warmth and sunshine. Stay warm my friends, and I’m sending California dreams to all of you! And now I will end with a little blurb about beautiful days (I never have been good with conclusions).

“When I look out and the sun is shining, I see your smiling face. When I’m outside and the wind blows, I feel your tender kiss. And when I’m surrounded by a day full of blue skies, I hear your voice whisper, “That everything will be alright.”



This is my first attempt to write something interesting.


Well, welcome!

Yes Marilyn, being normal is boring! So in an attempt to once and for all prove to the world that I am in fact, not normal, I have decided to blog.  In this sacred space, I will look at the world around me, and sometimes write about my observations. I say “sometimes” because, in addition to being a Gilmore Girls enthusiast, world renowned food connoisseur, and a full-time procrastinator, I am also a Neuroscience major! *cue crazy looks, and collective gasps*. So yeah, I don’t understand this mystical term called “free time”. However, when I do have some, I will report back here; just for the few people who will actually be reading this (I’m looking at you mom).

As you can probably already tell, I’m quite fluent in sarcasm, and because of that, I want this blog to be a mix of snarky fun, and serious cool (just like me). I’m no communications major, by any means, but they say practice makes perfect, so if John Green can write 2,000 words a day*, then I can write 200 once a week– sleep be damned!

I also want this to be interactive (because who wants to be written at all the time??). So occasionally I will post blogs with questions– they will not rhetorical–so please answer them in the comments. Other than that, I will leave with another quote from one of my favorite people, Marilyn Monroe:

“Fear is stupid, so are regrets.”

*S/O to Michael Henley for bestowing me with that fun-fact.